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Cash reward for those who can share trial papers in your states. Sharing your SPM Trial Papers is the way to go!!!! We pay you to share!!!!

This is a non profit website where we distribute trial papers so that Malaysian students can benefit from additional practice. We will be rewarding some cash $$$ for your effort.  Just leave your contact number when you have submitted the trial papers to us. We will call you!!!


How to join our cash reward program:

  1. You must be a Malaysian
  2. Student can participate in the cash reward program
  3. Submit your States Trial Papers
  4. You will need to provide your Name,IC and Phone Number
  5. When you submit each set of paper will be RM 8.00. To earn more you will need to submit as many as possible
  6. We will only reward first time submission.  We will get you posted in when we have enough of the trial papers
  7. Competition end date will be 30th September 2014


Send your trial papers to

Add Math Paper I  : RM 8.00
Add Math Paper II: RM 8.00
Physics Paper I : RM 8.00

Total : RM  24.00

It is so easy to earn money !!!!!!


What is Millon Reagent ?

Millon’s reagent is a solution of mercury in nitric acid which is used as a test for the amino acid tyrosine. Since proteins contain tyrosine, it is also used as a test for protein. When the test solution is boiled with Millon’s reagent a white precipitate (solid) is produced which coagulates and turns red.

Working in the laboratory

UPSR Math & Science Gerak Gempur

Math and Science Practice for UPSR Students. If you are in Grade 6 or taking UPSR this year. The Math and Science exercise is meant as a flash back before sitting your main exam. In this paper, we will cover basic mathematics ranging from Simple to HOTs (Higher Order Thinking) questions. Students who can solve more than 85% of the questions can be considered ready for the big exam.

UPSR Math & Science Gerak Gempur


Click to the next page to download the pdf file

Physics Trial Penang 2014

Here are some of the tips for the Penang Trial Paper 2014. The tips are obtained base on secure source and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the tips. We hope the tips will guide you to place more attention on the chapters below. Please go through the experiment too for the list of title below. We do expect one experiment will appear from the title below.

You are required to read the following if you want to score the Trial Paper for Physics Tips is as follows

  1. Reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Logic Gates
  4. Transistor
  5. Half LIfe
  6. Nuclear Energy
  7. Electromagnetic Alarm system

UPSR Chinese Essay Tips 2014

Learn how to write good UPSR Chinese essay SRJKC. This essay was written by one of our students and they are all hot topic for UPSR 2014. The review answer is meant to guide students to produce quality writings and guidance. We hope this sharing will benefits students across Malaysia and further guide them to success. Finally, we wish students all the best in their exam,





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