Physics Form 5

Math Variation

Some simple example of Math Variation. You may want to look at this as your reference to help you to understand this chapter. This chapter is seriously simple and many students can master this easily. Even slow learners can master this in minutes. The illustration below shows a simple explanation about direct variation.

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Form 2 Circles

Form 2 Math Circles concentrate is all about defining circles.  This chapter teaches students the definition of arc,circumference, sector, segment and chord. Students will find this notes useful with relevant examples on how to solve the following problems related to circles.  Hope this can help you to clear your doubts.

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SPM – Percubaan 2014

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Working in the laboratory

What is Millon Reagent ?

Millon’s reagent is a solution of mercury in nitric acid which is used as a test for the amino acid tyrosine. Since proteins contain tyrosine, it is also used as a test for protein. When the test solution is boiled with Millon’s reagent a white precipitate (solid) is produced which coagulates and turns red.

Working in the laboratory